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Irrigation issues can be costly if not addressed immediately. We provide a Sprinkler System Maintenance Program, Sprinkler Repair Services, Sprinkler Turn On and Sprinkler Winterization Services. Our Sprinkler System Maintenance Program offers savings on water bills, irrigation parts and labor. Repair services provide solutions to general irrigation problems and our Sprinkler Turn On and Sprinkler Winterization services ensure your sprinkler system is taken care of properly. Whatever your irrigation needs are, we can help.



During the course of the winter months, the sprinkler heads will go out of alignment due to inclimate weather, snow and ice. The sprinkler heads should all be realigned and adjusted so that your system is “tuned up” to the specific need of your landscaping.

Our Sprinkler Turn On service includes turning on the water, going through the entire system making sure that all the heads are working properly, and make any adjustments and/or repairs that are necessary. In the fall during the month of October sprinkler systems need to be winterized. The reason that your sprinkler needs to be winterized is because any water that is left in the sprinkler lines can freeze. This can cause major damage to the entire system cracking and splitting of the pipes. If the system sustains this kind of freeze damage, the repairs can be very costly. The professional way we winterize your sprinkler system is by using a commercial, high volume air compressor. We push air through the lines at low pressure ensuring that all sprinkler parts, are free of water. Winterizing your system will give you the peace of mind that you will have a sprinkler system, ready to be reopened in the spring.



Preventive maintenance saves money!

If your sprinkler system isn't operating properly, it is costing you money. Water is essential to a healthy lawn and wasting it with a broken or poorly operating system can be costly. Our trained technicians will keep your system running trouble free. Our Sprinkler System Maintenance Program provides visits every two weeks during the growing season. This will assure your lawn stays looking its best while conserving water at the same time. We will take care of all program changes and sprinkler adjustments according to conditions. While our technician is at the property, he will inspect turf and plant conditions and provide a report of any problems. He will also report any additional maintenance issues noticed during the inspection. Labor repair costs are covered under the program for the initial first hour. Additional labor charges are billed at $60.00 per hour. The Sprinkler System Maintenance Program bimonthly cost is $65.00.


Let our experienced sprinkler technicians resolve your irrigation problems. Below is a list of sprinkler repair services we provide:

* Repair broken pipes or fittings

* Repair or replace sprinkler timer (Clock)

* Sprinkler Winterization

* General detailed inspection and tune-up

* Repair or replace broken or inoperative

sprinkler heads

* Add new sprinkler heads or entire

zone(s) of sprinkler heads

* Diagnose and repair low pressure problems

* Leaks found and eliminated * Locate, repair or replace

solenoids and valves * Install,repair or replace automatic rain


* Check system for coverage and

operation of all heads and zones

***Lawn King Property Managementis not responsible for freezing of pipes***